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Contraception: DMPA-SC supplement

This special DMPA-SC supplement of the journal Contraception includes 13 articles authored by several organizations on topics including task-sharing, contraceptive continuation, cost and cost-effectiveness, acceptability and feasibility, storage and disposal, and private sector provision across six countries.

  • Journal article Contraception journal supplement home page
  • Journal article DMPA-SC: an emerging option to increase women's contraceptive choices
  • Journal article Family planning provision in pharmacies and drug shops: an urgent prescription
  • Journal article Continuation of injectable contraception when self-injected vs. administered by a facility-based health worker: a nonrandomized, prospective cohort study in Uganda
  • Journal article Costs of administering injectable contraceptives through health workers and self-injection: evidence from Burkina Faso, Uganda, and Senegal
  • Journal article Is contraceptive self-injection cost-effective compared to contraceptive injections from facility-based health workers? Evidence from Uganda
  • Journal article Client and provider experiences with self-administration of subcutaneous depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA-SC) in Malawi
  • Journal article An observational study to test the acceptability and feasibility of using medical and nursing students to instruct clients in DMPA-SC self-injection at the community level in Kinshasa
  • Journal article Women's satisfaction, use, storage and disposal of subcutaneous depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA-SC) during a randomized trial
  • Journal article Continuation of subcutaneous or intramuscular injectable contraception when administered by facility-based and community health workers: findings from a prospective cohort study in Burkina Faso and Uganda
  • Predictors of DMPA-SC continuation among urban Nigerian women: the influence of counseling quality and side effects
  • Journal article Introducing the subcutaneous depot medroxyprogesterone acetate injectable contraceptive via social marketing: lessons learned from Nigeria's private sector
  • Journal article Task-shifting the provision of DMPA-SC in the DR Congo: Perspectives from two different groups of providers
  • Journal article Acceptability of the distribution of DMPA-SC by community health workers among acceptors in the rural province of Lualaba in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: a pilot study
  • Journal article Feasibility of patent and proprietary medicine vendor provision of injectable contraceptives: preliminary results from implementation science research in Oyo and Nasarawa, Nigeria