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DMPA-SC Impact Model

Subcutaneous depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA-SC), also known as Sayana Press, is an all-in-one injectable that can be administered by paraprofessionals or even clients themselves. Dozens of countries are exploring the benefits of adding this new easy-to-use contraception to the mix of currently available family planning methods. HP+ developed the DMPA-SC Impact Model to help project the benefits over five years that could come from the introduction of DMPA-SC, in terms of effects on contraceptive prevalence rate, increased access to family planning through public and private service delivery points, and costs to the health care system and clients.

Institutional author(s): Health Policy Plus (HP+)
Individual author(s): James E. Rosen, Michelle Weinberger, Erin McGinn
Publication date: November, 2018

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