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Feasibility of Administering Sayana® Press in Clinics and Communities: Summary Findings From an Operational Assessment in Senegal

This study assessed the extent to which Sayana Press simplifies the logistics of managing and administering injectable contraception and whether providers in Senegal found this new presentation to be more practical and preferable to the standard syringe-vial injectable contraceptive. The operational assessment leveraged the acceptability study conducted by FHI 360 in Thies, Mbour, and Tivaouane by targeting the same 12 clinics from that study and asking providers who participated to reflect on their experience managing and administering Sayana Press. Semi-structured interviews with one provider from each of the 12 clinics and 9 affiliated CBD agents (matrones) for a total of 21 interviews, provided quantitative and qualitative data on the merits, challenges, and appeal of Sayana Press relative to DMPA-IM.

Institutional author(s): PATH
Publication date: April, 2013