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Access Collaborative ICFP roundup

The PATH-JSI DMPA-SC Access Collaborative shared evidence and insights through nearly 20 presentations and events at the 6th International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP) in November 2022 in Thailand. A catalogue of recorded scientific sessions in English and French is also available on the ICFP website.

Institutional author(s): PATH, JSI
Publication date: November, 2022

Oral presentations

  • Slides Adolescent and youth experiences with contraceptive self-injection in Uganda: Results from the Uganda Self-Injection Best Practices project
  • Slides Budget to success: Costing analysis associated with new method introduction to support ministries of health in attaining their family planning goals
  • Slides Building capacity through digital approaches: Can eLearning replace in-person training?
  • Slides Contraceptive self-injection through routine service delivery: Experiences of Ugandan women in the public health system
  • Slides Influence of COVID-19 pandemic movement restriction on uptake of DMPA-SC and other injectable contraceptive methods
  • Slides Policy or program: Which comes first? Expanding access to new family planning options
  • Slides Scale up of DMPA-SC and self-injection: Zambia‚Äôs catalyst to contraceptive access
  • Slides DMPA-SC self-injection and method bias

Poster presentations

  • Poster An Africa-centric regional technical assistance hub model: the case of the DMPA-SC Access Collaborative
  • Poster DMPA-SC introduction and scale-up: Lessons for future product introduction
  • Poster Self-injection and the private sector in Uganda

Flash poster and oral presentations

  • Poster Scaling up DMPA-SC self-injection: A progress report for Senegal, Kenya, Madagascar, DRC, Nigeria, Zambia and Uganda
  • Poster Commodity security and considerations for new product introduction: A case of DMPA-SC in Kenya
  • Poster Dialing up self-care capacity: Remote supportive supervision and training for contraceptive self-injection in Madagascar and Uganda
  • Poster From pilot to scale in Uganda: Measurement challenges for DMPA-SC self-injection
  • Poster Modeling for self-injection visits: Developing a basis for comparison
  • Poster Navigating gaps in self-injection data collection before the option is integrated into national health management information systems
  • Poster Self-injection data availability via the Global Self-Injection Status Report
  • Poster Informed choice challenges for introduction and scale up of new contraceptive methods and service delivery innovations