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Introducing the Next Generation Injectable in Nigeria

In Nigeria, 20% of women wish to use family planning and reproductive health services, but do not have access to them (USAID 2016). While family planning services and products are available at many public and private facilities, only 11% of women nationwide currently use a modern contraceptive method (NPC 2014). Along with male condoms and pills, injectables are among the most popular methods. However, they are more difficult to access because a trained healthcare worker must administer it with a needle and syringe. Launched in Nigeria in 2014, Sayana® Press is an all-in-one injectable contraceptive designed to overcome barriers to accessing family planning. The unique injection system eliminates the need for a needle and syringe, and enables health workers to administer the injection with basic training. With its ease of application and efficacy, widely distributing Sayana Press is the latest effort to expand contraceptive choice and access for all Nigerian women.

Institutional author(s): DKT Nigeria
Publication date: November, 2022

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