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Injectables Market Assessment & Recommendations Summary

This healthy markets framework assessment highlights market opportunities for intramuscular (IM) and subcutaneous (SC) injectables and makes several recommendations on how to sustain and expand access.

The three primary takeaways from the assessment are:

  1. The lack of funding for procurement remains the main barrier to meeting global demand for injectables. This is also limiting demand across SRH products in general.
  2. IM injectables still dominate the injectables market. Shipments of SC injectables have been relatively modest over the last few years, with evidence of challenges to fulfill country orders. An increase is projected in the demand for SC injectables over time with secure, diversified supply, particularly if the price premium of SC versus that of IM injectables is reduced. The arrival of a generic SC injectable could make a significant difference when it comes to pricing, however uncertainties remain as to whether SC injectables will be able to fully realize their potential.
  3. Structural problems such as the lack of provider capacity and supportive policies to enable access are hindering the growth of the market for SC injectables and require special attention.