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Training videos on injectable contraception and family planning

A series of training videos from Global Health Media covers a variety of family planning and other health topics. In addition to DMPA-SC (referred to as Depo SubQ), topics include: contraceptive methods, family planning learning aids, contraceptive method skills, counseling, reproductive health, and clinic-based infection prevention and control. Videos are tailored for health workers, women, or their partners, and many are available in English, French, Spanish and other languages.

The videos for health workers are also available in the Family Planning Videos app which can be downloaded from Google Play or the App store. Videos for women and partners are available in the Birth & Beyond app, also on Google Play and the App store. If you would like to narrate any videos in your local language, please contact Global Health Media.

Institutional author(s): Global Health Media
Publication date: 2021

  • Video The SubQ Contraceptive Injection: Video for health workers
  • Video How to use Depo SubQ, Teaching Short: Video for women and partners
  • Video The Depo SubQ Injection: Video for women and partners