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Training Resource Package DMPA-SC and self-injection modules

The Training Resource Package (TRP) for Family Planning offers curriculum components and tools for trainers to design, implement, and evaluate family planning and reproductive health training. The TRP website includes training information and materials for a wide range of family planning methods.

The TRP’s Progestin-Only Injectable module includes sessions V and VI which are focused on DMPA-SC and self-injection, as well as a number of related handouts and resources. The module was developed for training physicians, nurses, and midwives and other health care providers who offer Progestin-Only Injectable Contraception (“injectables”).


  • Guide Progestin-only injectables module facilitator's guide
  • Guide Progestin-only injectables module illustrative session plan
  • Slides Slides for Session V and Session VI on DMPA-SC and self-injection