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Task-sharing: Expanding community access to injectable contraception

The Injectables Access Collaborative Learning and Action Network hosted this webinar on February 28, 2024 highlighting task-sharing provision of injectable contraception—including DMPA-SC and self-injection—through support from community health workers (CHWs). At least 13 countries now authorize CHWs to support clients’ initiation of self-injection at the community level. Participants learned about the latest data on DMPA-SC provision and self-injection support by CHWs, heard from ministry of health representatives and CHWs themselves about the practice and potential of task-sharing of self-care services, and reflected on how to strengthen community health programs to improve equitable access to integrated primary health care services, including an expanded range of family planning options.

This event is part of series on task-sharing along with this webinar on private sector access to DMPA-SC.