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Author: Health Policy Plus (HP+)

Family Planning Financing Roadmap

The Family Planning Financing Roadmap is a resource for USAID Mission staff and others working on family planning issues in developing countries. The website is designed to support sustainable family planning approaches for a wide range of users, from those who have very limited knowledge of health financing concepts to those who have some knowledge or experience and are looking to develop a deeper understanding of specific issues. The website has three main sections: learning materials, an interactive roadmap, and a community of practice.


Institutional author(s): USAID, Health Policy Plus (HP+)
Publication date: 2021

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Pathways of Change: How DMPA-SC Introduction May Impact a National Family Planning Program

This 4-page brief outlines a theoretical framework on what might result from adding DMPA-SC to a national family planning method mix.

Institutional author(s): Health Policy Plus (HP+)
Publication date: December, 2017

Brief Pathways of Change: How DMPA-SC Introduction May Impact a National Family Planning Program

Applying a Total Market Approach to DMPA-SC 

This 4-page policy brief describes the total market approach (TMA), an evidence-based process to identify market players and understand how they can contribute to improved access to information, products, and services for family planning. In the complex and dynamic family planning markets that exist today, TMA can help DMPA-SC achieve balanced and sustainable growth.

Institutional author(s): Health Policy Plus (HP+)
Publication date: February, 2017

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DMPA-SC Impact Model

Subcutaneous depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA-SC), also known as Sayana Press, is an all-in-one injectable that can be administered by paraprofessionals or even clients themselves. Dozens of countries are exploring the benefits of adding this new easy-to-use contraception to the mix of currently available family planning methods. HP+ developed the DMPA-SC Impact Model to help project the benefits over five years that could come from the introduction of DMPA-SC, in terms of effects on contraceptive prevalence rate, increased access to family planning through public and private service delivery points, and costs to the health care system and clients.

Institutional author(s): Health Policy Plus (HP+)
Individual author(s): James E. Rosen, Michelle Weinberger, Erin McGinn
Publication date: November, 2018

DMPA-SC Introduction and Scale-Up in Nigeria: Future Benefits for Contraceptive Use and Savings

In Nigeria, DMPA-SC—an easy-to-use injectable contraceptive commercially branded as Sayana Press—has been approved for provider- and self-injection, and is being distributed in the public and private sectors. With technical support from the USAID-funded HP+ and the Gates-funded Technical Support Unit, Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Health applied a new impact model to quantify the potential family planning programmatic impact and cost implications of DMPA-SC introduction and scale-up in Nigeria by 2021. This brief highlights the boost that DMPA-SC can provide to the country’s modern contraceptive prevalence rate, cost savings, and next steps.

Institutional author(s): Health Policy Plus (HP+)
Publication date: February, 2018