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Author: USAID

Family Planning Financing Roadmap

The Family Planning Financing Roadmap is a resource for USAID Mission staff and others working on family planning issues in developing countries. The website is designed to support sustainable family planning approaches for a wide range of users, from those who have very limited knowledge of health financing concepts to those who have some knowledge or experience and are looking to develop a deeper understanding of specific issues. The website has three main sections: learning materials, an interactive roadmap, and a community of practice.


Institutional Author(s): USAID, Health Policy Plus (HP+)
Publication date: 2021

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Market Bookshelf

This is an open-access collection of health market literature, featuring documents and related resources needed to understand, develop, and intervene in different global health markets.

Institutional Author(s): Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC), USAID, William Davidson Institute
Publication date: December, 2020

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Expanding Access to Injectable Contraceptives through Pharmacies Toolkit

This toolkit contains resources designed to help pharmacy associations become effective advocates and begin working to change policies in their countries. The toolkit can be adapted to advocate for any injectable contraceptive. The toolkit includes a Resource for Considering DMPA-SC.

Institutional Author(s): SHOPS Plus, USAID
Publication date: May, 2019

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Idea to Impact: A Guide to Introduction and Scale

This is a practical reference for global health practitioners working to introduce or scale up medical devices, diagnostics, or other consumer products. Its four-stage model uses case studies to highlight lessons and factors for consideration. Includes a practitioner’s workbook and a toolkit.

Institutional Author(s): USAID
Publication date: June, 2015

Guide Idea to Impact: A Guide to Introduction and Scale

Provision of Injectable Contraceptives within Drug Shops: A Promising Approach for Increasing Access and Method Choice

This 4-page brief is focused on the use of drug shops to increase access to injectable contraceptives.

Institutional Author(s): FHI 360, JSI, Inc., USAID
Publication date: June, 2014

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